The Harrowing

The Harrowing
The Harrowing, second printing

Harrow hell and rake up the devil – English proverb

Remembering was just the beginning of his nightmare

Repressed memories of the troubled brother of a popular priest lead to a desperate search for a lost book of black magic in the desert Southwest.

Bruno Nolan, a recovering alcoholic seeking to rebuild his life and relationships, suddenly recalls being sexually abused as an altar boy when he returned to his old parish church. The older brother of a popular priest, Fr. Mike, the two men struggle on opposite sides to uncover the secrets of the past, while their former pastor, Fr. Sean Malachy, tries to keep the diocese from exploding. Meanwhile, Msgr. Tom DeLaval, whose unspeakable sins threaten to undo powerful members of the Church hierarchy, flees after receiving a strange warning, only to fight back with blackmail and black magic. In a blazing climax, Bruno must fight to save himself, his family, his sanity and their souls.


Will he be able to find the truth about what really happened? Can Bruno overcome the past? And will he be able to stop an unthinkable, ageless evil before it claims more victims?

As familiar as today’s headlines and as suggestive as their worst implications, The Harrowing is a modern psychological horror story. Set in the American Southwest with its ancient mysteries, where witches hid from the Spanish Inquisition, The Harrowing is a contemporary mystery about forbidden lusts and repressed memories, corrupt versus good priests, brave and crazy victims, mind control, mysterious murders, secret rites, and ecclesiastical politics.

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