About Gleaners Chapel

Welcome to the Gleaners Chapel. This site is for mystics and dreamers interested in cosmic and Biblical mysteries. It is also intended for victims and survivors of Roman Catholic abuse, including ex-, lapsed, former, recovering, cafeteria-style, or simply disgruntled seekers.

The Gleaners Chapel is run by me, Jay Nelson, as a successor and replacement for my old Renegade Catholic blog. I am a retired Independent Catholic priest, as well a childhood victim of ritualistic and sexual abuse by a Roman Catholic cleric. I’m also a writer, amateur historian and astronomer, and occasional artist.

But I have long since shaken the dust of the flawed church of my birth from my feet, seeking the true light of Christ instead. This site will document that strange journey and the surprising discoveries I have made along the way.

Here I will continue my criticism of the Roman Church and mainstream Christianity, explore its history, cosmic implications of prophecy and the hidden secrets of Scriptural interpretation. It’s for folks like myself: that is, anyone with that “indelible mark on the soul” of having been raised Catholic, attended parochial schools or catechism classes, and whose spiritual longings have been somehow left alive but incalculably damaged by the experience.

In my view, every single lapsed or former Catholic is in some sense a victim. All the faithful have been lied to and manipulated by a corrupt and cynical hierarchy with an age-old agenda to remain the sole purveyors of truth at any price. My intent is to help restore some of the lost and forgotten teachings suppressed in that organization’s quest for power.

Hence the name, Gleaners Chapel: I seek to gather clues to the mysteries from the seed that has been left, spilled on the ground, and ignored; hopefully in communion with other scorned and impoverished Christians unsatisfied with stale dogma, childish superstition, and papal pronouncements.

I no longer believe that true reform is at all possible within the Catholic Church, if indeed it ever was. Giordano Bruno, one of the Inquisition’s most prominent and far-sighted martyrs for intellectual freedom, prophetically described Rome with devastating accuracy in his book, The Torch Bearer, half a millennium ago:

You will see, in mixed confusion, snatches of cutpurses, wiles of cheats, enterprises of rogues; also delicious repulsiveness, bitter sweets, foolish decisions, mistaken faith and crippled hopes, niggard charities, judges noble and serious for other men’s affairs with little truth in their own; virile women, effeminate men and voices of craft and not of mercy so that he who believes most is most fooled and everywhere the love of gold.

Some things, alas, never change.

This site exists not just to dump on the Church of Rome or mock the pope, but to rather help preserve the sacred teachings it was entrusted with from the shipwreck it has become, and to explore their positive spiritual alternatives, including some rather far-out ones. I hope you find the journey enlightening as well.

Thanks for visiting. ¡Vaya con Díos!

+ Jay Nelson