The Night Gallery

Where angels fear to tread
Damnation, liberation or madness?   Welcome to the Night Gallery!

Enter freely and of your own will…

Here is where you’ll find everything from recent anticlerical cartoons, mockery of the pope and other sanctimonious prelates, plus vintage and recent images of clergy misbehaving.

They are all meant to show that the Roman Catholic Church, like all human institutions, is composed of foolish human beings just like the rest of us. Some may titillate, shock, appall or disgust you, but no porn is included.

So this entire area is not intended for the pious, easily disturbed, or anyone under 18.  View at your own discretion and risk.


  • Feasts of Fools shows the dark and funny side of the clergy in anticlerical cartoons, satires, and mockery.
    And here we start with Popery
  • Ominous Signs contains photos of strange events, visions, omens, and found images of various ordinary objects wherein some people see Jesus, Mary, or other strange things.
    The first page here is called Sightings.

 Thanks and enjoy your visit!